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Record, Mix, Mastering, Composition, Instrumental, etc..


Flyer, Presskit, Catalog, etc..


Website, Strategy, Marketing, Plateforms, etc..


Photo, Edition, Photoshooting, etc..


Video, Shooting, Clip, Edition, Colors, etc..


Admin, Publishing, Contract, etc..


Admin, Distribution, Contract, Copyright, etc..


Careers, Strategy, Marketing, Music, Booking, etc..

Frequently Asked Questions


We propose you to become a member in order to support us in the long term development and to have access to several supplementary services and informations. It also support us financialy yearly and we offer discoutned on our regular prices.

How much do you charge?

We have two types of invoicing depending on the country of dwellings in order to favor the wage / labor / local currency ration. A list of our services is located above in the same page

How much does it costs?

The registration fee is renewable annually as of January 1. The registration fee is D2000 or CHF 100.-. With your membership card, you are entitled to discounts and promotions on services. We also give priority to artists registered with us

How long does it take to accomplish a project?

The duration of a project is determined according to its ease of realization or its complexity. We are a team of several people specialized in the fields of activities of the musical sector that will meet your expectations.

Can I start from the beggins ?

We will be happy to advise you and discover the world of Gambian and Swiss urban music. We will offer you several steps to make your first experience.

Do you offer a service package?

We offer several packages based on the demand and purpose of the artist. We have several teams and partners to make a precise offer of your needs

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