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Record, Mix, Mastering, Composition, Instrumental, etc..


Flyer, Presskit, Catalog, etc..


Website, Strategy, Marketing, Plateforms, etc..


Photo, Edition, Photoshooting, etc..


Video, Shooting, Clip, Edition, Colors, etc..


Admin, Publishing, Contract, etc..


Admin, Distribution, Contract, Copyright, etc..


Careers, Strategy, Marketing, Music, Booking, etc..


In all the projects that we maintain, we do so in a family spirit. Everyone contributes their time and knowledge to bring a stone to our daily tasks. We are all equal and fairness goes without saying and is seen in everyday life with our members.

Being a member of Swiss Gambia Association is free.

There are several types of membership :

Active = Physically active member of the association (admin, studio, marketing, etc..)

Being an active member means that he participates in the assembly, is a musician, is a sound technician, an accountant, etc. and is active in carrying out the tasks of SGA.

Active members have the opportunity to support the association by taking out a monthly subscription which will reduce the price of our services in order to support them in their project(s) without money being a brake on their career.

Here are the optional monthly prices with the different package :

all free Members of SGA = Give you 10% off all the service
Mi wanna Start = Give you 20% off all the service = D200 or CHF10.-
Let’s make it = Give you 30% off all the service = D350 or CHF20.-
Wanna Work Hard = Give you 40% off all the service = D800 or CHF50.-

Passive = Member who supports our cause and our ideas without being physically involved

Being a passive member means that he comes to the concert, he wants to receive emails about the latest musical news or the next shows of active members.

We are actually (2022) 53 members from Switzerland and The Gambia.

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