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Started March 2016
Swiss Gambia Association was created after several musical tours in the Gambia, in collaboration with Selecta Hans from Legal Sound Int'l. We realized that the potential of Gambian & Swiss artists is impressive and we have noticed that there is small structure in place for artists in The Gambia.

From then on, we decided to create this association in order to participate in cultural exchanges between the two countries. Don Trotti founded the association in 2017 in Switzerland and Selecta Hans in the Gambia.

As a result, several projects have begun; support for artists, organization of concerts, tours, radio show, musical collaboration, copyright and much more.

We decided to build a recording studio in Sukuta so that we could meet the demand of our active members. Construction of the studio was completed in 2021.

SwissGambia Tour 2022 #1

We have produced several videos as well as around thirty singles/EPs in our studio in Sukuta.
We have succeeded in bringing together around forty new members from The Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Switzerland for the exercise of our activities.

SwissGambia Tour 2021/2

We have completed the construction of our music studio in Sukuta. We have started to use it and we teach our members with a program of 3 lessons per week. Operations are just beginning
We have succeeded in bringing together around twenty members from The Gambia and Switzerland for the exercise of our activities.

SwissGambia Tour 2021/1

We have created and activated our new artist management platform on our website. We have also been to Senegal to perform with our team
We continued building the recording studio in Sukuta and performed at several events co-produced with Legal Sound Int'l.

SwissGambia Tour 2020/2

We continued building the recording studio in Sukuta and performed at several events co-produced with Legal Sound Int'l

Don Trotti went alone in The Gambia in order to carry out administrative tasks for the association in place. This new step will legalize the status and other of the Swiss Gambia Association

SwissGambia Tour 2020/1

This tour allowed our team to build better communication for the association with high quality photos and videos.

A tour was organized with a new team of volunteers and including Don Trotti, Natty-Nat, DJ Postman & Legal Sound

Swiss Gambia in CH Tour

During this edition, we have cooperated with more than 2 radios, 2 studio sessions, 1 concert, 1 openmic freestyle& 1 photoshooting

we have for the first time brought a Gambian artist to Switzerland in our city Geneva

SwisSeneGambia Tour 3

During this edition, we have cooperated with more than 8 radios, 2 TV Channel and all the actors of street promotion. We are now recognized by the "National Art & Culture" department of Gambia as an association and a music label. We did our chartitavie actions at the Brikama School.

The 3rd edition made us cross Gambia then Senegal from Casamance to Dakar. The Gambian, Senegalese and Swiss teams were in full force. More than 12 employees participated in the realization of this tour.

SwisSeneGambia Tour 2

We left for the first tour we organized for Swiss artists Don Trotti and DJ Postman and Gambian Selecta Hans. We traveled, for more than 11 consecutive days, a large part of The Gambia and its local reggae scenes.

This second edition took us to Saly in Senegal with part of the team of volunteers. We started the construction of our studio based in Sukuta.

SwisSeneGambia Tour 1

Our first collaboration with the Freedom Sound combine with DJ Postman, Don Trotti & Legal Sound

SwissGambia Tour

Our first collaboration on this project allowed us to learn the musical, cultural and fieldwork differences in The Gambia.

Our Skills


  • Recording
  • Mix & Mastering
  • Instrumental & Riddim
  • Workshop & Class


  • Copyright
  • Publishing
  • Management
  • Monetization


  • Graphic
  • Website
  • Social Network
  • Marketing

Our collaborations

You will find all the artist, person, company or instutions we have been collaborated.


  • DJ Alues


  • Buzzy Papo

  • Baonet

  • Brillance

  • Bro-K

  • Bobo Fyah


  • DJ Colega
  • Coppet City
  • Capital FM
  • Ciré
  • Choice FM



  • Elijah Salomon
  • Evidence Music
  • Expedit
  • Eyti Roots


  • Fada Flow
  • Fhido
  • Freaky Friday
  • Freedom Sound


  • Gambian Immigration Department
  • General Warrior
  • GonG SounD


  • Selecter Hans
  • Hardcore


  • I Jawal
  • I.T.J.


  • DJ Jaffa

  • Junior The Blesskid

  • Jaguar Promotion
  • Jah Cure

  • Jackson B
  • Junior Pisces
  • Jo2Plainp
  • Jump Up Festival
  • DJ Junior


  • Ka-Ras Zik
  • King I Lion
  • King Zaï
  • DJ King Crack
  • DJ King Muscle


  • Legal Sound Int'l
  • Lion Pa
  • Lixen Khan
  • Loyal Kid
  • DJ Lyf Thug


  • Mad Dot

  • DJ Maha
  • DJ Mutabaruka
  • Mighty Yuth
  • Mighty Children Sound
  • Makka D Don
  • Mensah Julio
  • Dj Momo
  • Magic Tuts


  • National Arts & Culture of The Gambia
  • DJ Natty Nat
  • Nobles
  • Nyamakala


  • Omar Sawaneh

  • OMZ Cadabra
  • DJ Oboy


  • Dj Postman
  • Dj Passi
  • Princess Menen
  • Praisy
  • Peeyah Fyah
  • DJ Pepsi
  • Paradise FM



  • Ras Narone
  • Ray Soul
  • Rebellion The Recaller
  • MC Ree
  • Redstar
  • Royal Messenger
  • Radio Tonic


  • Skinny Spice
  • Sissassy
  • Sol The Wizes
  • Stank Rud

  • Swiss Embassy in Dakar
  • Swiss Nikihs
  • SUISA (swiss copyright)
  • Sukuta Police Station


  • DJ Toots
  • T-Small
  • T.Y.


  • Umbro Omar Shakur



  • DJ Wise




  • Selecta Zeezah
  • Zion Gates
  • Zoom Sen

In all the projects that we maintain, we do so in a family spirit. Everyone contributes their time and knowledge to bring a stone to our daily tasks. We are all equal and fairness goes without saying and is seen in everyday life with our members.

Being a member of Swiss Gambia Association is free.

There are several types of membership :

Active = Physically active member of the association (admin, studio, marketing, etc..)

Being an active member means that he participates in the assembly, is a musician, is a sound technician, an accountant, etc. and is active in carrying out the tasks of SGA.

Active members have the opportunity to support the association by taking out a monthly subscription which will reduce the price of our services in order to support them in their project(s) without money being a brake on their career.

Here are the optional monthly prices with the different package :

all free Members of SGA = Give you 10% off all the service
Mi wanna Start = Give you 20% off all the service = D200 or CHF10.-
Let’s make it = Give you 30% off all the service = D350 or CHF20.-
Wanna Work Hard = Give you 40% off all the service = D800 or CHF50.-

Passive = Member who supports our cause and our ideas without being physically involved

Being a passive member means that he comes to the concert, he wants to receive emails about the latest musical news or the next shows of active members.

We are actually (2022) 53 members from Switzerland and The Gambia.

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